Elementary Lean School (ELS):

  • Lean Basics education combining reasonable part of theory with practical examples and games helping to fix obtained theory by practice.
  • Recommended for: everyone who wants to learn about Lean


  • Standard Lean Consulting activities provided by experienced professionals.
  • Dedicated to: industrial production companies, government institutes and all orgainsations willing to improve their efficiency and quality hand in hand with significant costs reduction (Lean Paradox). Lean education and on-site practice for individual participants as well as for working teams with different levels of Lean experience.

Lean Integrity REST Art (LIRA):

  • Lean principles combined with cognitive-behavioral techniques as the most advanced method used for burning-out prevention and active recovery. By purchasing LIRA course you save 70% of the costs you would pay for psychotheraphy. LIRA returns back to the roots of Lean principles, reminding the fact Lean is done by people and for people, mainly. In the case the ballance betwee technocratic and humanistic approach is affected, the results might become contra-productive, or even fatal, in some cases. Prevention ís always more effective and cheaper than the recovery of errors and their consequences.
  • Recommended to: Lean and all the other Managers who feel unhappy , frustrated, tired or unsatisfied by their professional or priváte life. Comeback and assisted re-awareness of basic Lean principles combined with intensive indor / outdoor activities brings cognitive lean behavior, positive thinkig and interpersonal good mood to everyone who will participate.

Lean Campus Creative (LCC):

  • Wholelife holistic education providíng desired combination of theoretical education and practical experience related to lean behavior (observations, questions, thinking, acting, checking,fixing, speading, practice). Located in beautiful natural environment of Machas Lake Region at Bohemian Paradise. Combined with program of Musee Creative – accasional outdoor workshops held by represantatives of tradditional handcraft and art diciplines.
  • You do not feel you learn, but you do. Obtained knowledge is DEEP & PERSONALISED.

POHODA (poškole): IN CZECH LANGUAGE, only, SO FAR. This program is an extract of the best of previous three programs (LES, LCC and LIRA) providing practical training by the form of short sessions, easy undestandable for everyone between 9 and 69 years. Many practical excersises, games and active relaxation tehnigues.

  • Recommended to: attendants of basic and secondary schools, mainly in Central Europe, to obtain/provide signifiant competitive whole-life advantage. Parents and grandparents,interested in fresh mind keeping, are very welcome, as well.

VRCHOVANY- SPA (ASAHI – Sunrise): NEW PROJECT Lean Woodcraft Campus in VRCHOVANY is designed as a little wholelife holistic development and experimental lab, combined with small recovery resort. Practical experience learning excercises combined with lectures provided by skilled masters „in the branch“, carriers of the traditional handcraft knowledge, practice and further development.

  • Best for: everyone who feels internal need of mental refereshment and active learning of different manual skills.